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Andover Natural Health Care!

At Andover Natural Health Care, we draw upon both traditional and progressive sciences of alternative medicine and holistic remedies, including:

optimal nutrition, Love Your Body food plans for achieving weight and health goals, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (aromatherapy), Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbs, Iridology, Homeopathy, Oxygen Therapies, Flower Essences, and more.

We also use therapy machines that help the body heal include Enhanced Living's Ion Detox footbath, the Far Infrared HotHouse Dome, Chi Machine and Electro Reflex Energizer!

Natural Health sciences address the underlying cause of illness by nourishing, balancing and cleansing the whole body from the inside out.

What are the benefits of a NATURAL, HOLISTIC approach?

Look vibrant!
Increase energy
Safe and Effective
Decrease aches and pains
Decrease your need for medication
Learn how to keep yourself well far into the future
Experience increased wellness, no matter if your problems are simple or complex

Natural Health Care is a small investment in healing
           that pays you big dividends for the rest of your life!

Why choose Andover Natural Health Care?

Free initial assessment phone call
Our services are professional, ethical, caring, personal and confidential
Full hour (or more) one-on-one appointments
Calm, comfortable setting
Painless, non-invasive methods
Many products on site to save you money
Reasonable rates
Appointments begin on time

Other Professional Services

We have on our ANHC Team certified and licensed professionals who specialize in the following body-mind-spirit healing modalities:
Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Therapeutic Breathwork, Reiki and Psychotherapy (specializing in eating concerns). 

Please call 978-821-8147 for more information.