Vis Medicatrix Naturae

 (the “Healing Power of Nature”)

Natural Health Care practitioners recognize the inborn potential in everyone to be healthy.

We believe in the Healing Power of Nature.

We seek to correct the cause of illness, not just to stop symptoms.

We do not heal you, we only assist your body to heal itself.

We have been called to serve others.

Every day we witness “miracles.”

Live Long.
Be Well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who comes to see you?
Anyone who has a health issue or desire for a greater sense of wellness that they would prefer to address using alternative medicine practices. My clients are male and female, young and old, slightly unwell to very unwell.

How many visits will I need to make?
The number of visits needed is very individual. It depends on the degree of unwellness you suffer from and how attentive you are to taking steps to improve your health. Most people come for 1-3 consults. They may choose to do a series of therapy machine treatments. These continues for as long as you feel the treatments are useful to you.

Should I tell my doctor that I am seeing you?
Yes, particularly if you are currently diagnosed with an acute or chronic illness and/or are taking prescriptions through your doctor. Please be clear when speaking to your doctor that what I do with you is teach about how the body works, about the experience and science of alternative methods, and bring you in touch with resources. Any steps that you take as a result of your consultation with me are YOUR choices that are based on what you have learned. These steps are not things I have TOLD you to do. I encourage my clients to read and study on their own in addition to learning from me. (Disclaimer)

Will you work with my doctor?
I will gladly work with any doctor or other mainstream or alternative practitioner. In order to do this, we will need a signed consent form.

Do people come to see you for prevention of illness, in other words, to stay well?
Absolutely. About 20% of my practice consists of people who simply want to learn a holistic approach to taking better care of themselves. Often they have had illness in their family and wish to avoid falling prey to it themselves. The old adage applies here: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Can this help me get off medications or avoid them?
Many of my clients come for precisely this reason. In most cases people get off of most or all of their medications.

Why do we need to detox?
In the "olden days", detoxing was part of life for cultures in all parts of the world. People would fast, drink herb teas, do enemas and use other methods to cleanse their bodies, especially in the Spring and Autumn. They found that these methods increased overall health and helped with many ailments.

Today, we are exposed to thousands of chemicals that are foreign to our bodies. Most of them are toxic in some way. Here are just a few of the more common toxins: artifical sweeteners, colors and flavors, herbicides and pesticides on our foods, many medications, preservatives, mercury ("silver") fillings, chlorinated and fluoridated water, aluminum in cooking pans, foil and antiperspirants, fumes from oil and gasoline products, anything in a spray can, body care products, and countless other exposures.

All these toxins add to the overall "burden" on the liver, immune system and other aspects of healthy body functioning. Detoxing lightens the burden, thus improving all body functions at the foundational level. Please visit our Weight Loss and Detox and Therapy Machines pages to learn more about some of the ways we help you detox.

Do I really need to see someone like you? Can't I research anything I want to know on the Internet or at the health food store?
Think about this for a minute. Can you read up on any profession and do it as well as one who is fully trained  and experienced in that field? Can someone come in off the street and do your job as well as you do? Probably not! Electricians say, “Wiring is not a hobby!” That is because they know that what can kill you isn’t what you DO know. It is what you do NOT know.

The same is true for healthcare. It is great to study on your own, and I encourage this, but self-study is not enough. You need someone who has been fully educated and who has experience in the vast field of health and wellness. This actually saves you a lot of time, money and problems in the end.

Take these examples:
One man who was on blood thinners decided to take four different natural remedies he had read about to help various problems he had. What he did not know was that each of these remedies had blood-thinning properties. Take together, this was a dangerous combination. He was lucky he did not bleed to death!

One person I know bought a product that was recommended by a health food store employee. She ended up in the ER twice because the product, while fine on its own, made her medication act too strongly.

Health care decisions must be based on ALL the factors affecting you. No store clerk or website knows YOUR whole health situation. I get to know you, your health history, your medications and supplements, your goals. I ask questions you have never been asked. I help you understand your body and illnesses and find an efficient and effective way to help you regain your health.

Find out
how much better 
YOU can feel!