Many alternative medicine practices, such as those used at Andover Natural Health Care (ANHC) are not accepted as having value by mainstream medical practitioners. Many of these therapies have been used for centuries in this and other cultures, presumably because they worked. Some other methods used at ANHC are relatively new in healthcare, but have been shown to be highly successful for decades for people who using them in many countries all over the world.

The ideas and products discussed on this website and with clients of ANHC are offered as educational information only. Though well-known and accepted in the alternative and complementary health sciences, most of these ideas and products have not been recognized or approved by the FDA. The FDA does not study or evaluate products and healthcare procedures that lie outside the realm of mainstream medical treatment.

Furthermore, the information presented here and to clients of ANHC is not in any way to be construed as the practice of medicine or as giving medical advice. It is for the purpose of health-supporting education only. All readers and clients are encouraged read widely on topics of concern to them. It is also suggested that you check with your doctor, especially if you are being treated currently for health concerns and/or are taking prescription medications, before you begin any changes in diet, supplements, exercise, etc. If you ever have a condition that becomes urgent or emergent, please contact your physician and/or emergency room promptly.