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From the mom of an 8 year old girl with ADHD: "We had _____’s huge evaluation meeting today after all of her neuropsych testing, school testing and her year thus far [this was in March].

She has made HUGE progress !!!! so much so that she no longer needs some of her special ed support. The head of special education and her teachers were blown away by her gains. She tested average and even above average in categories that she used to be way below average.

Something I have fought and worried so hard for her for so long, it feels beyond amazing to see her progressing.  

I want to thank you for all you do and have done for her... If I didn’t have you to help me in this she would not be where she is today!

I will never forget the smiles on the teachers’ faces as they were talking about her advances.”  - A.G.

"I have Muscular Dystrophy and have barely been able to use my arms for years. After 15 minutes with the HotHouse therapy machine I could raise my arms straight up over my head!
could NOT believe it!! This lasted for 2 weeks the first time and now I do not have this problem at all. The pain in my leg is GONE! My arthritic cat gets benefits from being under it, too.  ;-)" - C.S.

"I LOVE the Love Your Body plan! Let me begin by saying I was so frustrated with my weight and my overall health. I was feeling like both were out of control and I felt overall just yucky. I'm (only) 50 years old but I was beginning to really feel OLD. So far I have lost 22 pounds and have never felt better. - M.D.

"I avoided a second abdominal surgery by taking some simple steps that Pam told me about. I am learning how to keep myself well. I am very excited!" - S.Y.

"Over the years, Pam has helped me learn how to heal from sports injuries, Plantar warts, earaches and more, all using natural methods with no side-effects." - M.S.

"I feel so good, mentally and physically, I want to cry. I feel like a million dollars. I counldn't have imagined this could happen to me. "- S.E.

"Dr. Seyler is a versatile, knowledgeable health practitioner. She really cares and sticks with health challenges until they're understood and resolved. I HIGHLY recommend her!"- J.E.

"I had a sore, red bump on my nose for about 4 months that would not heal. I tried alcohol, soap, clay mask, and other typical remedies to no avail. Pam suggested I could use a therapeutic essential oil on it. I applied one tiny drop to this bump and to an "age" spot on my face before bed one evening. The next morning (no kidding) the bump had broken open and was draining. I applied one more drop the next evening. Four days later the sore was completely healed AND the skin where the "age" spot had been flaked up and peeled off - leaving nice fresh skin in its place. Wow! " - Susan

"I went to Pam's 'Eat Well to BE Well' workshop, changed my diet and feel 100% better." - J.B.

"Our consultation with you gave us a substantial start toward improving our nutrition! Thank you for being such a wealth of information!" - Robert & E.C.

"I had chronic fatigue and a horrible skin rash for years. I tried everything, went to doctors, a dermatologist and many alternative practitioners. Nothing helped until I started the footbaths. My energy is 90% better and my skin rash is long gone. The footbaths are amazing!" – Lewis

"Just came from the endodontist to check the healing of gums, teeth,
etc. He seemed very pleased almost surprised with the progress of
healing. His words were "I'm very impressed". All I can attribute it
to is the essential oil you have been using.
"  - Kelly

"In four months working with Pam and a few simple diet and lifestyle changes, my Triglyceride levels dropped from 500+ (high risk range) to 170, all without the awful side-effects of the prescription my doctor offered me. I am very glad I consulted with Pam."  - David

"I have known Pam, for three months and in that short time, she has helped my health tremendously.  I have done 8 sessions of a foot detox and my eczema (that I had for 13 years) is completely gone. I have also noticed a "surge" in energy that is no coincidence!  Her caring and compassion for each individual are outstanding.  She very carefully researches every product she sells, but does not "push" anything on the person that they are not comfortable with.  I have gained valuable knowledge in many different areas, such as acidity/akaline pH issues, foods that are nutritious, the role of enzymes in the body, the use of essential oils and how they can address almost any problem, etc.  Pam is a God-send in my life.  We need more "Pams" in this world!!!" – Barb

"When I went to see Pam Seyler for the first time, I was very unhealthy. I had been losing a lot of time at work due to being ill and going to doctor’s appointments and had little energy to enjoy my life. I was taking several prescription medications for chronic sinusitis and anxiety/depression, all of which had terrible side effects. I felt as if my good health was slipping away from me as I got into a cycle of adding new medications and raising doses on old ones and only feeling worse.
Within 6 months of seeing Pam, I felt like a new person. Not only had I almost completely rid my body of the chronic sinusitis and completely stopped taking the prescription and OTC sinus medications, but I had also weaned myself off of all but the smallest dose of one anti-depressant, and I plan to be done with that soon.
Pam educated me on following a healthy diet and using natural products that helped my immune system regain its strength, allowing my body to heal itself. Pam’s warm, gentle, and non-judgmental approach during our sessions made me feel at ease and open to try a new course of health maintenance.   I continue to follow Pam’s suggestions on how to educate myself about natural health and healing. Pam Seyler has given me the hope I had all but lost.
- Marie

"My daughter has had a skin condition since she was a toddler. She has been treated with antibiotic creams, steroid creams and many over-the-counter creams. After many appointments with her pediatrician and dermatologist I decided to seek help from Pam. After a couple of appointments and Pam's recommendations, my daughter doesn't scratch at her skin the way she used to, and the scars she had have faded away. Thanks to Pam, Kathryn is a very happy teenager.
Pam has also helped me with a number of issues, including being able to eliminate prescription stomach medication for my acid reflux. This is a miracle to me, as I have been on this medication since I was a teenager.
- Cheryl

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